About Us

Welcome to Legends Kids Publishing! Dive into our vibrant world of creativity where stories burst to life, igniting young imaginations. At our core is The Glopple series, a beloved epic of adventure. Join our heroes on thrilling quests, facing foes and learning valuable lessons. With every turn of the page, we transport readers to a realm of limitless possibility, where bravery and friendship reign supreme.

We're dedicated to crafting age-appropriate, high-quality content that sparks curiosity and empathy, fostering a lifelong love of reading. Come with us beyond imagination.

We are Legends Kids Publishing, where every comic is a portal to adventure, and every child a legend in the making.

Creative Team

Matt Cole

  • Publisher of Legends Kids Publishing
  • Creator of The Glopple, Glopple Girl, Rasp, and the entire GloppleVerse
  • Writer of The Glopple series


  • Editor
  • Writer of Glopple Girl

Jose Chirinos

  • Artist of The Glopple and Glopple Girl