Welcome to GloppleVerse

Welcome to GloppleVerse, where whimsy and wonder abound in Dallas, Texas! Follow Glopple, Glopple Girl, and their brave companions as they battle villains like Dr. Vinel, Sleep-Hopper, and the anger-fueled MetalMary. With allies like Rasp, Bash, and Cookie the dog, they face challenges from Nightmare Ninjas to Anti-Glopple. Join us in this wild, wacky adventure where Texas spirit shines bright!

The Glopple

Embark on the journey where it all started: The Glopple Issues 1-3. With over 8,000 copies sold across the nation, this beloved comic book series has captured the hearts of thousands. Explore all three thrilling issues available now in our online store.



Glopple Girl

Discover the extraordinary journey of a young orphan girl endowed with gloppily goop and superhero abilities in Natalie's captivating tale! Dive into the all-ages comic spin-off of the beloved series, The Glopple, and uncover how these unlikely heroes unite to safeguard the city of Dallas in Glopple Girl! Coming to Kickstarter in Summer 2024!


Rasp Origins

Coming soon to the GloppleVerse: Rasp Origins! Explore the intriguing journey of Rasp as we uncover the secrets behind his evolution into the master of gloppily goop and the formidable ninja. Trained in martial arts by a blind sensei, he faces trials unlike any before. Prepare to embark on this thrilling origin tale!