For The Collectors

Collector's Unite!

Attention all collectors! Prepare to unite with our extraordinary exclusive covers spanning the past, present, and future. Glopple has ascended as a cherished collectible within the comic book community, and we're elevating it further with ultra-limited covers that pay homage to timeless classics. Secure these rare editions and breathe even more life into the world of Glopple!

The Last Glopple (The Last Ronin Homage)

December 2022. Comics Elite Exclusive Cover. Art by: Josh Lyman. (SOLD OUT)

The Walking Glopple (The Walking Dead Homage)

March 2023. C2E2 2023 Exclusive. Art by: Josh Lyman.


The Glopple Our Hero

April 2023. Matt Cole Exclusive. Art by: Eric Fredericks (Co-creator of The Glopple character). (SOLD OUT)

Matt Cole's The Glopple (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Homage)

December 2023. Comics Elite & Matt Cole Exclusive. Art by: Jeremy SkareKro O'Ryan. (SOLD OUT)

The Glopple!! (Raphael 1 Homage)

January 2024. Comic Book Page Exclusive. Art by: David Girard. (SOLD OUT)

Matt Cole presents: Glopple Story (Toy Story Homage)

April 2024. Matt Cole Exclusive. Art by: Peter Smith. (SOLD OUT)

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